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Americ Machinery Corporation!

Americ Machinery Corporation is part of a global multiple channel marketing network. As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, we are strongly capitalized to buy and sell equipment packages of any size and scope. Americ Machinery Corp. brings the same quality to all its services including our two major groups: international trading and our online platform, Quantos Auctions. Quantos Auctions gives customers globally the chance to bid with confidence on inspected machines. Our procurement and sales representatives throughout the U.S. provide insight on local markets and assist customers with buying and selling equipment assets in one single source. Our online marketing and equipment expertise enhances our ability to join together approved buyers with knowledgeable sellers. Our internal logistics department gives us tremendous advantages shipping equipment anywhere.

Americ Machinery Corp. has now moved to a Seattle area office in Federal Way, Washington and we sell used construction equipment, backhoes, excavator, bull dozers, used machinery, construction machinery, Used Heavy Equipment , used construction machinery

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Contruction Machinery Latinamerica


Americ Machinery sells loaders, excavators and bull dozers out of Nikken Corporation’s rental fleet to customers all over the world. We sell machines not through brokers or intermediaries in Japan, but directly to customers overseas. Taking advantage of 200 branches of Nikken Corporation and the network we have developed, we also buy directly from owners, including equipment dealers, contractors and auctioneers in Japan. AMERIC Machinery is able to respond to a rapidly diversifying market to provide high-quality used equipment to clients.

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Contruction Machinery


Quantos is the most trusted online business and industrial auction service, we make buying and selling used equipment easy, efficient, and safe. Quantos have a background earned to make auctions with construction, equipment, and industrial companies.

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Auction Contruction Machinery


Is an online auction site of used construction equipment. This auction is co-hosted by AKTIO Corp. and NIKKEN Corp. which are the biggest rental companies in Japan.

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